Thursday, January 3, 2008

Who you gonna call

from preservemidtown in Tulsa OK.

Warning Signs of a Neighborhood At Risk
Don't get caught by surprise. Some things to look out for: 1. A home is put up for sale. 2. A builder buys the home. 3. A home is needing some maintenance or looks unkept. 4. There is an empty lot. 5. After a builder buys a home, he puts it up for rent. All of these events can lead to teardowns and inappropriate infill. Sometimes, it will include a lot split: two homes are built where one once stood. Join your neighborhood association, draft a covenant with your neighbors and keep vigilant!

Posted by Preserve Midtown / 7/25/2007

So, who are you gonna call if you do not have a viable neighborhood association in your part of older Raleigh.

Let me point you to THIS.

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