Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Truth about Teardowns

With the help of the City, by way of lack of help for the neighborhoods who are begging for infill standards, the redevelopment of older neighborhoods into high priced enclaves will continue with NO regard to the character that has made this part of town the desirable, charming place that people have loved all these decades. This love is from within and from afar.

Renewal is a concept needed for places that lack vitality. Rebuilding is a concept needed in places that are being disposed of.

Over here in Fallonia Central, we have prided ourselves on the mix of homes and eras and people we call our neighborhood. You see, this part of Raleigh was actually designed that way. Professional and business owners on the mainline, and those fine people who worked or provided services for these living on the side streets. We are suffering from rich creep over here, as the mansions slip down hill into the more modest, smaller lot streets. Can we still live side by side, or is this beginning of the end?

FP has spent considerable time on the Wake Co Prop site and has this answer to the question. 80% of the recent home sales in this neighborhood list a commercial buyer, or an absentee homeowner. This is not a good sign for neighborhood stability. The days of the private buyer picking a home they want in a neighborhood they like are ending. No one who buys over here today has any idea what this neighborhood will be like in the next 5 years.

So, where will all that charm people love to see ITB be found?

The landfill, of course.

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