Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Close your eyes and it will go away?

This is the first paragraph of the Infill Housing Study on Residential Scale in Atlanta Georgia. Seems to get to the point, yes? Today's N&O article has this quote:

The most contentious issue before the council has become what to do about tear-downs, the practice of replacing an existing home with a much larger one. Developers, real estate agents and homeowners who oppose restrictions have been hostile to council members who want to slow the practice.

The council has a hearing April 15 to discuss speeding the creation of neighborhood conservation overlay districts, which set standards for construction. But Councilman Russ Stephenson's plan to create a citizen study group has been criticized by people who question how big a problem tear-downs really are.

Well, if they were not so big, you could close your eyes, but to deny the problem requires a pretty expensive blinder.

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