Monday, January 28, 2008

Sign of the Times

Your street, too, could look like this.

Please consider our virtual yardsign campaign, for a quieter streetscape.


hoopla said...

Where was this argument when Neil Coker wanted to put a development on Wade Ave...and when Guest Quarters wanted to tear down two of Raleigh's ugliest buildings to put a suite hotel on Glenwood?

The Renew Raleigh effort may be manufactured, but MAN have a lot of people put these signs in their yard? I'm kind of surprised, to be honest.

Fallonia Parker said...

My "research" shows that 90% of them are real estate or builder connected yards. Which is kinda scarey that so many properties are in transition at this time. I see about 3-4 on a street of 20 or so houses. Except Anderson and Claremont (Ground Zero).