Friday, January 18, 2008

Back to the Future, Raleigh


1. MP-2-07 – Forty Wade Sign Criteria

The Committee recommends that the City Council approve the unified sign criteria dated September 10, 2007 and revised January 15, 2008, in accordance with the conditions of the approved Master Plan MP-2-07, with the following additional language:

a. Signs B2 through B12 are allowed a maximum height of 7-1/4 feet with a maximum area of 30 square feet, but 36-inch tall signs are allowed a maximum area of 50 square feet.

b. Sign B1 is allowed a maximum height of 10 feet, with a 10% increase allowed subject to Planning staff approval pending final design.

2. Residential Infill Development Proposals

With regard to the Planning Department Proposal to Address Residential Infill Development dated December 5, 2007 the Committee recommends the City Council:

a. Remove Options 1 and 2 from further consideration.

b. Move forward with a text change as outlined in Option 3 to expedite the Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District (NCOD) process.

The Committee also recommends the City Council for a stakeholder-based Infill Study Group to review best practices in other cities and develop recommendations that address as many stakeholder concerns as possible.

a. Membership – each side would appoint three (plus or minus) members to the group. The qualifications would be (1) a commitment to work toward a mutually acceptable outcome and (2) a commitment to not let feelings of righteous indignation enter into the conversation. In addition, the group would have a planning staffer to provide support, including researching and presenting best practices from other cities. Finally, the group would have a facilitator/leader who would run the meetings and report to the Comprehensive Planning Committee (CPC). Former Planning Commission Chair Dickie Thompson has tentatively agreed to serve in this capacity and has received broad support.

b. Schedule – The Study Group should adopt a schedule that returns recommendations to the CPC and full Council in time to advertise for the July 15 public hearing. If the Study Group moves quickly to resolution, it is possible that they could present recommendations in time to advertise for the April 15 public hearing. The Study Group leader would provide a progress back to the CPC every four weeks (plus or minus). In addition, the CPC may wish to set a deadline for receiving recommendations.

c. The Infill Study Group shall work with the City Planning Department to refine the scope, timeline, roles and responsibilities of the participants involved.

3. Items Pending

Item #03-14 – Downtown Master Developer Process (4/6/04)
Item #03-29 – Development Standards – Fragile Neighborhoods (6/1/04)
Item #03-79 – TC-10-05 – Surfacing Requirements of Existing Front Yard
Parking for Single Family Detached and Duplex Dwellings
Item #03-102 – Conservation Management for Ponds and Lakes (11/15/05)
Item #05-41 – Pawn Shops – Regulations for Location (10/3/06)
Item #05-42 – Sustainable Urban Landscapes and Hillsides (11/21/06)
Item #07-02 – TC-5-07 – O&I Districts/FAR/Density Limitations (12/4/07)
Item #07-03 – Text Change – Prohibit Industrial Facilities in Residential Areas
Item #07-05 – Conservation Management/Tree Conservation Requirement (12/4/07)
Item #07-06 – City-Initiated ETJ Extensions – Zoning Classifications (12/4/07)
Item #07-07 – Annexation Policy/ETJ Extension (1/8/08)

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