Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Breaking News

The Comprehensive Planning Committee of the Raleigh City Council met this morning. An infill study group was proposed by Russ Stephenson, and after a time of public comments, the members of the committee voted 3-0 to send it to the City Council for next Tuesdays meeting.

Council group seeks peace on teardowns

A City Council committee wants people on both sides of the debate over new homes in established neighborhoods to get together.
The committee today recommended that the full council organize a study group to look at the trend of tearing down homes in older neighborhoods and replacing them with new ones.

It also wants the council to move forward on a plan to speed up the process to create neighborhood conservation overlay districts. Such districts set standards for new construction in established neighborhoods.

The council will consider the recommendations Tuesday ... .

The rest of the written story is available at the News & Observer.

The rest of the infill story will develop over time.

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