Friday, July 13, 2007

Raleigh's Muni Code

The historical heritage of Raleigh and Wake County is among their most valued and important assets. The City is authorized by the North Carolina General Statutes, by means of listing, regulation, and acquisition, to safeguard the heritage of the City by preserving any property or district that embodies important elements of its culture, history, architectural history, or prehistory, and to promote the use of and conservation of historic districts for the education, pleasure and enrichment of the residents of the City and state as a whole. The purpose of these regulations is to provide the organizational vehicle by which certain areas, structures, buildings, and objects within the City's planning jurisdiction that have special significance in terms of history, prehistory, architecture, archaeology, and/or culture and possess integrity of design, setting, materials, feeling and association may be preserved and protected.

(Ord. No. 1992-66-TC-399-TC-15-92, §2, 10-6-92)

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