Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Credit where credit is due

This is the story of a pretty little house up the street and what it went through to become a home again.

I cannot show the original house, but this is how it sat for fall and winter after the men with sledgehammers were done with it.

[Note: there are two demolition styles in this area, the big yellow dinosaur that munches it up in 2 days, and the non-resident laborers who are hired to hand demolish most of the structure. I can't say which has the greater advantage, I would not know how to measure that. I do not know if building material reclamation is being made in the slower method, but I do know the smash and scrape method does not recycle anything, other than a hazard or two.]

Along came the sign of a builder of good reputation in the area, who, to great sighs of relief, has made the best of this situation. Notice that the building design, although larger, is compatible with the tone of the area. The new house is designed be just a little taller while getting in its 2nd floor and attic rooms, and does not tower over the house next door. It respects the setting and the neighbors.

My research shows this house is being done by indivdual investors. Whether the investors or the builder came up with this design, it is a step in the right direction.

This is how it can work ... if we do not remove all the smaller housing stock ... to weave together a diverse older neighborhood.

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