Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Historical Highlights by Irena Dorton

Arndt House, Canterbury Road, Raleigh

The Arndt house is one of fourteen houses built from 1945 to 1965 recommended for individual listing in the National Register in a 2006 comprehensive inventory of all Raleigh buildings for the Raleigh Historic Districts Commission.

Designed in 1959 by F. Carter Williams for the Arndt family, the one-story Contemporary with a wide, sloping front-gabled roof, a recessed front gallery porch, and an almost fully transparent front living room wall is one of the most graceful modern residences in Raleigh. The house is so extravagantly windowed that when you are standing in front of the house, you can see straight through to the huge old trees in the backyard.


eyevariety said...

I absolutely love this house! You are right about the beautiful windows too- it just seems like such a pleasant home to occupy. Thanks for sharing.


Fallonia Parker said...

I have enjoyed visiting your blog. I recommend it to our readers. Raleigh is full of best kept secrets and it is great to be able to appreciate them.

hoopla said...

That house is hideous.