Saturday, July 14, 2007

Not In My Back Yard

NIMBY gets whole new meaning.

Here are back yards, as viewed from a neighboring back yard (CIRCA 20th C.).

Here is the new improved backyard, 2007 version, looking over neighbor's outbuilding to the new dwelling.

It's all about setbacks. This lot is nearly 1/2 acre, zoned R-4. Therefore, by tearing the original house down and removing the original footprint, the builder is free to build according to the zoning, that means setbacks of 30 ft front and back, and 10 ft away from the side lines.

Net effect, large surface area of house, small surface area of grass and trees.

Front view from next door neighbor's front yard.

What the street scape currently looks like a few houses away.....

All perfectly legal under Raleigh's zoning ordinances.

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