Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Habitats for Humans

El Salvador, July 2006

This is a home being built for a family by a church group from Durham. It is a serious upgrade from the former housing, which you can see to the left and behind the house. The house will be two bedrooms, concrete block, dirt floor, with bars on window openings, 700 sq ft.

This house is being built for a woman caring for her older sister; they have been sharing this piece of land and taking shelter in the handmade huts. Their kitchen is outdoors and consists of a platform with hose water and fireplace. The daughter who has a job in the city is paying the mortgage, which is substantial.

The house will resemble this when completed, although in El Salvador this kitchen will be outside and the bathroom connected to the back of the house.

The new owners are very proud. They cooked lunch for the work crews each day. The women dressed each day in flowered cotton dresses and made small gifts for the volunteers to bring back. Real treasures. The joy was palpable.

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