Saturday, July 28, 2007

Looking for Mr. Goodbar

From the Redding Pilot (CT)
Takacs is ready for third term
Jul 26, 2007

Selectman Don Takacs is ready to take on a third term in office. At last week’s Republican caucus, he was selected once again as First Selectman Natalie Ketcham’s running mate.

A 30-year resident, Mr. Takacs describes Redding as “an oasis in Fairfield County” with a pristine environment. And while he believes growth is inevitable, “the key” is to keep that growth in perspective, “to retain the environment we have,” he said.

Mr. Takacs acknowledges this is “a difficult task ... As the area grows, it requires diligence to retain the character of the town which I love,” he said, citing this as a major reason he wants to continue in office.

The town is bigger than when he moved here, Mr. Takacs said, “but the character is the same.” He attributes this to the town’s concept of open space, calling it “awesome.”


A sense of history

A sense of history is also important to the town, the selectman said. “Preservation is something the town is supporting.”

He said the character of homes in surrounding towns has been impacted by teardowns, whereby “large, palatial homes have replaced the original Colonial homes.

“The character here has been retained. I’d like to do everything I can to continue that process,” Mr. Takacs said.


For Mr. Takacs, it is essential that Redding not be turned into something resembling the larger area towns. “We must meet the needs of all citizens while retaining the character of the town.”

Since he has the time available, Mr. Takacs said, serving on the Board of Selectmen “is an excellent way to give back to the town, which has been such a great place in which to live.” ...

Who is ready to step forward for Raleigh?

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