Monday, February 4, 2008

Top 5 Reasons Raleigh Needs to Study Residential Redevelopment

Planning Dept numbers are inaccurate for 2007. They reflect the number of homes rebuilt before June 5 2007, but do not reflect empty lots and houses not rebuilt before June.

NO ONE knows the extent of the problem.

Is the gap in zoning ordinances between the 80's and now being utilized to create a more profitable equation for some at the expense of others?

Zoning ordinance changes to encompass mass and scale measures will help to prevent further inequity and damages to our communities, a STUDY would help determine if this is a problem.

Other cities have taken a stand that older areas need protection from excesses that are damaging to the city's character itself. It is known fact that a city requires preservation of certain assets to remain viable and attractive. Older areas are a huge asset to our attractiveness for growth.

In summary:
There is a problem, we do not know the extent of it, planning is understaffed, and we need a professional STUDY / Task Force to see where we are and if things are equitable for all residents.

We want city council action on this STUDY group Tuesday Feb 5 at 1:00.

PLEASE ACT TODAY. Go to our petition and sign up, and call your city council representative to tell them of your neighborhood concerns.

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