Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A sense of place

Triangle skylines evolve

Today, The News & Observer begins an occasional series that will assess significant new buildings as they open. With the series, Marvin Malecha, dean of N.C. State University's College of Design, will provide a design perspective. ...

And what do we learn in the first story?

In establishing a sense of place, buildings matter. More than mere markers, they're stages for our public and private lives.

"People gauge their lives by their landscapes," Malecha says. "It's primal that you identify with a place. You know you're home. When you don't have that sense, you feel disconnected."

Modernism and progress shouldn't obliterate local traditions and culture, Malecha says.

"We're at a moment in time when we're building things so fast that we're basically removing the sense of place," he says. "We have a couple of hundred years or history here. We shouldn't just remove it."

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