Friday, February 29, 2008

Over the Top Award for February

The OTT Award goes to Alhambra on Lakeview.

Google map to here, click "street view"

Let me share with you a few statistics.

1.40 acres with house, purchased 2003 for $1.55M. Demolition permit June 2005. New house size is 12,617. Propery valued at $7M, tax is appealed.

This was the original house, my understanding is it was quite the thing in its day. That is the Carolina Country Club golf course in the background.

They don't call it Lakeview for nothing.


Jedidiah said...

Love the reference to The Alhambra. What a great building that was.

Chad said...

It takes 8 frames to fully view that house on google street view.

Fallonia Parker said...

Please share more about the original, would love to share more of its past.

spiro said...

This home replaces a nice, but poorly functioning house originally built in the late 50's early 60's.

I believe the house was designed by Mr. Matsumoto and built by Frank Walser. It was built like a tank, and designed on a module so that material waste was limited. The exterior was covered with beautiful cedar or redwood siding.

The original owners put it on the market and it was finally sold to the Hardison family who bought it partially because no one else would and so they got it for a very low price.

The house had two major problems. The kitchen was barely large enough to turn around in. The house was built on a slab and the slab covered the air ducts. Some time ago the ducts under the slab collapsed, so it was just about impossible to heat and cool the first level.

The house was sold to the Stones in the early 90s.

They made some good improvements, but I think the house was still somewhat tough to live in. When they decided to sell it was on the market a long time before the current owner bought the property.