Monday, July 7, 2008

Teardown of the week (weeks ago that is)

This house on Claremont has been available for pre-sale for a pretty long time.

It has now joined the ranks of empty lots in Anderson Heights. Right now I count 5 in the immediate area. Three of them have sat a very long time.

In the golden days, that would be when this was a desirable neighborhood rather than a speculative market (say 2-3 years ago), a house like this would sell within 3 months to someone eager to move right in and improve the home. This neighborhood has sustained and grown on its own merits for the past generation or so.

The problem we have now reminds me of that trend on the highway where two lanes have to merge and some people pass the waiting line to jump in front. Are they not aware that it is them that is causing the problem they are trying to avoid? If we did not have to stop and let them in, the traffic would flow on its own. Same thing for real estate over here. The change of character over here is stunting sales for many a seller and buyer.

The return of the NCOD process took 2 years, the same 2 years that allowed Anderson and Claremont to tip to million dollar plus digs. The same 2 years that Brooks Avenue began to lose its classic character. The list can go on and on. How many unsold homes can ITB live with ... this is a new phenom.

It was not broke, and we did not need fixing. Now we are in a fix.

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