Thursday, July 10, 2008

Its like a plague, it's everywhere

This posted by a fellow watcher, in New Haven.

tear downs

joninaz7/9/08 10:20 am
What would you do if your neighbors tore down their house, paved the entire front yard, and adorned the house with lions, columns, and porticos? Apparently this is an issue in NYC. Most tear-downs are the right of the owner, and municipalities can do nothing, even if it's an historic district apparently.

This got the architecture and history nerd in me thinking about how important historical preservation is, and I happened on the Nat'l Trust for Historic Preservation and their list of the 11 most endangered sites in the US, including the entire Lower East Side of Manhattan and Chicago's Michigan Avenue streetwall.

I often drive by this industrial building in suburban New Haven, built probably 1920s-1940s--I love the art-deco aesthetic, the symmetry, glass blocks and attention to detail like the curved glass and metal trim. The wrecking equipment was out in front of it the other day, I fear the worst. Probably will be replaced with a Dunkin Donuts.
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