Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Recent teardowns in Fallon Park

Two more homes have been scraped and scrapped in the Fallon Park area in the last few weeks.

Missing from the neighborhood now are these two houses, this makes 5 lots that are currently devoid of houses within the 2 blocks of the park itself. Two lots are for sale near the half million price point, one is a mystery, these two projects are listed to individuals, altho one has a real estate company sign in front that matches their name.

0.32 acres / 1959 / R-6 / 1763 SQ FT
VALUES from last assessment $85K LAND / $129K HOUSE.

0.44 acres / 1952 / R-4 / 1576 SQ FT
VALUES from last assessment $100K LAND / $136K HOUSE.

Fallonia's predictions: the R-6 rebuild will be priced compatibly with the houses up at the Oaks at Fallon Park ... say 900K. If sold for the lot, expect a $450K price tag.

The other private home is predicted to be the first 5000 square foot house around the park itself.

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hoopla said...

The house pictured here at Royster and Kittrell was FULL of mold. The owner has had it since 1980 and finally replaced the infested house. The replacement is way too tall, though.