Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Coker This

Remember the old days when the battle over Coker towers was being fought on the ground and at the City Council?

A local Raleigh blogger has revisited the story and added a few observations of his own.

Bob Geary has a thorough response, which includes:

There followed major efforts made to get the Council to adopt its loosely followed, oft-ignored Urban Design Guidelines as code — meaning developers would be required to follow them. No soap. (Code words for ignoring them, then & now: “But they’re only guidelines”.) How about adopting form-based zoning, with scale the major element, and mixed-uses encouraged? No soap there either. How about an infill ordinance to help new stuff fit in amongst the old? Todays’s teardowns and mega-mansion replacements are the best evidence that no such infill ordinance has been adopted in the (now) 6 years people have been trying to get one. Council a month or two ago voted to study the question.

Don't miss this interesting revisiting of recent history. It will give you a warm cozy feeling of Deja Vu, and a glimpse into the future if we do not get our collective wits together.

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