Thursday, August 16, 2007

Expanding horizons

Comment received by email from JZ, who is concerned about the significant architectural losses in downtown Raleigh:

As we have witnessed the exciting and prosperous changes occurring here in our capital city, there has been tremendous losses left and right.

Lost in the early trickle: Milton Small's Office building at the corner of Davie and McDowell Streets, turned into a parking lot, now presently awaiting the cranes and crews to erect the new Empire Properties venture with the County, "The L-Building".

Recently Lost: A good portion of the 300 Block of Wilmington Street to Phase II of Progress Energy's Real Estate mogulship.

And most upsetting: the soon to be lost: The former First Federal Bank Building, presently known as the Garland Jones Office Building at the corner of Martin and Salisbury Streets, will be razed for the Wake County Courthouse complex. This is the ONLY High-Modern Structure left in the downtown core, and its a specimen of talented design, quality materials and quality care.

The historic Dillon warehouses will be sacrificed to accommodate the potential future TTA rail line and stations destroying the "West End Warehouse District". This district has been conveniently renamed the "Depot District" because that will be the only building left after the west side improves. And Ted Reynolds will sacrifice the distinguished structure, presently occupied by the Raleigh Police Department at the corner of Hillsborough and Dawson Streets once he gets underway with his high-rise development on that block.

JZ is encouraging OTT to broaden awareness to include the developments in the commercial areas ITB.

Want to know what the fuss is about? Start here.

An archeological dig of our landfill may reveal some astounding relics if we keep this up.

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