Saturday, August 4, 2007

Civics 101

pay attention • show up • get involved

I found this to be an informative post on a nearby blog (

Opportunities with City Commissions

The Planning Commission is already settled. Expect development interests to play a large part in the City's future. But there are plenty of places to plug in for the interested resident. Also, the Raleigh CAC meetings are held regularly in a neighborhood near you.

Raleigh City Council

Raleigh Planning Commission

Raleigh Neighborhoods

City links will allow you to watch meeting videos online to get a feel for city deliberations, or read the minutes. The City has a top-notch website that informs for engagement in person or from a distance. The RTN network will even allow online viewing of meetings in progress. Our city's culture counts on a connected citizenry. Our city needs you....

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