Saturday, April 10, 2010

Springing forward

Fallonia Parker, she lay low.

Or to borrow from other famous philosophers -- this is a fine mess you've gotten us into this time, Stan.

Empty lots are still empty lots, where young families could be living, thriving, and paying taxes. Speculative mansions are still for sale at rock bottom prices, unless they have been rented out temporarily. Multimillion projects in process are stalled. No taxes there. I just don't see how this was good for the community or the city economics. Actually, Fallonia's neighbors are paying double the property taxes for their houses because of the (unsold) speculations up the street. But not the speculators?

The only positive developments in this neck of the woods have been owner driven. Several really nice private renovations up on Anderson. And on Cooleemee, a new neighbor is building an appropriately fitting home. Square footage is larger, but it tries to fit the era of the neighborhood, has its garage in the back, and does not take the entire lot.

This gives Fallonia hope that the excesses may give way to more reasonable revitalizations.

Fallonia does not want to be a negative force in this battle for sound economics and neighborhoods. Having posted examples of unsustainable practices, her focus can now shift to the search for positive examples of change for the better. Stay tuned.

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