Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Teardown of the week (weeks ago that is)

No plans on file that reveal the future for this lot. Selling price is a couple of hundred thou over the property valuation.

Fallonia predicts something Eurofabulous, in the $2.5-3.5M range.

Zoning R-4
Acreage .31
Permit Date 8/15/2008
Permit # 0000077258

Transfer Information
Pkg Sale Date 7/9/2008
Pkg Sale Price $825,000

Heated Area 2,125
Originally built 1944

Location Location Location ...

Fallonia's concern is that a family could move in and work with this house, as a good investment and a growing home. When the neighborhood's "entry level" houses -- those of good size and quality -- are demolished for an expensive and speculative upgrade (and yes, this is an LLC doing the job, not a homeowner), then we are basically shutting out potential good neighbors and a diversity of community. As a city, we need to pay attention to this, and to one other thing: will our economy be able to sustain this many multi-million dollar homes?? These ITB neighborhoods have been more expensive for decades, but this is something else.

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butcept said...

Wow. What a nice house. Why would anyone tear that down? Well, I *know* why but darn...this one has such a great curb appeal to me...