Sunday, August 31, 2008

SOLD: to the only bidder

The .25 acre teardown lot at 2721 Cooleemee was sold on 8/22/2008 for the same price it was purchased 9/28/2007. The speculator of 2007 paid the taxes and for the house to be land-filled, thus losing money in the deal (not unlike the owners of many middle-person speculative  teardown lots in these parts).

The land has been on the market since the house was torn down earlier this year. The cottage was a rental home for many many years, and was on the market for possibly a year before its sale in 2007 for $50K less than asking price.  Same thing happened again in this sale market. 

The new owner has a home-design sign in front. If you google the name on it you get this:

Creepin Castles, Batman. 

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