Friday, May 2, 2008

Over The Top Award for April

The Over the Top Award for April goes to Foolishness on Fairview.

Fallonia is grieving over this one. Having known the place as the home of friends before, and watching its impeccable renovation in the past 10 years, it came as quite a shock to see it being dismantled this week.

Donning the Sherlock Holmes magnifier, FP has turned up the scoop. With great hope for a crafty renovation, this is revealed:

Are you kidding? This was bought in the fall for over $700K.

Hmm. Obsolete, nope.
Too Small, nope.
Not charming enough, nope.
A Million Dollar address, check.
Investors, mayhaps.

Realtors, could you possibly go back to matching home-buyers with homes that fit them? I know families who would have loved to live in this house, even at this price. Heck, $700K is a steal in these parts, these days. When the deed is done, we will have handed over the charm of our lovely old small town to the highest bidder. It will not be Raleigh anymore.

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Fallonia est très triste ce soir.

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