Friday, March 14, 2008

The Rosedale

Earlier this week, we posted the picture of a sign in the yard neighboring a large new residential building.

Here is the image of the house that was removed for new construction.

The history of this property began in August of 1933. It's transformation to this began in August of 2007.

The surprised next door neighbors bought their .58 acre bit of quietude in 2003. That came to a halt last year when they found out they may be living in a changing neighborhood. The parcel in question is the 3rd from right on the north side of Rosedale but the new footprint of this 3800 sq foot house is not indicated. Note the prevailing setbacks; this is another of Raleigh's older neighborhoods with R-6 zoning and R-4 buildouts.

So, what does happen to a neighborhood when something this dramatically different occurs to it? Which house looks like it does not belong on this street? The answer is clear right now, but when it happens again, and again, the answer may change. Streets in Raleigh with one teardown/rebuild seem to attract more.

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Jedidiah said...

Hey guys, realized after finding this same sign this past weekend that you guys had the history and already posted the sign last week. More pics and discussion (hopefully) on New Raleigh: Does This Spec House Fit?