Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The View

Things are progressing in my neighborhood, in the last week these 2 houses hit the dump.


Chad said...

I really like the first house and the yard. It's so disappointing to see houses like that go... and scary to think about what might replace it.

Fallonia Parker said...

That concerns me as well. In the desire to get a buildable lot in a pricey neighborhood, we are losing houses that could have gone to the right person ... that is a home that fits a family matched with a good house that needs some special attention. This house has always been one of the better homes on the block. This is certainly a shift in the way real estate works.

Fallonia Parker said...

BTW, this home was owned by the same family since 1945, until her death in November of 2006. I hope the new home will fare so well.

hoopla said...

Boy, that first one really was charming, and really could have been fixed up well. I think this underscores just how much of a discrepancy there is between the supply and demand for fairly large houses inside the beltline. Raleigh never had much money before the 70's, so there were scores of 2,000 sq. ft houses built.

That second house on the other hand... :)

I sure hope the builders replace these with timeless treasures. IT CAN BE DONE!!