Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ironic or iconic?

Noticed a large van emblazoned with GEEK SQUAD coming out of my neighborhood. It even had ladders on the roof rack.
Odd, I thought, computers are so much smaller these days. Then I noticed the side said "Home Theater Division."

Now it makes sense.

But only sort of. When you think about it, going to the movies used to be a social activity, so now we are trending that to being more part of our private lives. And need a room for it. Okay.

But now we prefer to have a cup of coffee as a social occasion?

Market trends. Something I will never really understand.


hoopla said...

Another piece of irony here is that the "social activity" of going to a movie consists of going to a dark room where you and your friends sit in a row and are forbidden to talk!

Jeff said...

Forbidden to talk?? After time I go see a movie, people are talking. That's why it's nice to have your own theater.