Monday, June 4, 2007

The Names of Things to Come

Lest anyone believe the purpose of this site is to put down our new neighbors, I want to let you in on a little secret. The names of these big houses are the nicknames being passed around by the old neighbors, the folks who have created the character of the neighborhoods that are on the receiving end of these changes. I love the humor involved in trying to cope with things that feel so out of control. By naming and taming these incursions, the older residents are bonding around the way things used to be.

I do not know many people who believe that progress can be stopped in its tracks. But the thing many do not understand is the ginormousness of this new trend. When Hayes-Barton was understood to be Upper Class (see history lesson), I do not think anyone imagined how much more Up things could be. I believe older Raleigh has prided itself on the tastefulness and charm of its neighborhoods, and not felt the one-upmanship that is coming into town with these new mansions. What some builders see as resistance to change is actually something else quite entirely. If the neighborhood you have known and loved being a part of is suddenly being thrown away and replaced with something you do not recognize, it can feel hostile.

After this you get two choices, go along with it or fight for it.

I have chosen to fight for it; I see much at stake if we don't try to bring some moderation into this trend.

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